Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Interview with Love

There was a sequence of events today that led me to the impending question that is soon be arising on everyones mind what with the whole Valentines Day and what not coming up...and that is LOVE. That's right ladies and gents, Ryleigh is talking about love.

The day started rather uneventfully but took a turn when i received my first "Unknown" call in weeks. I was rather bored and decided this unknown caller deserved an answer. I was pleasantly surprised when i heard an unnaturally high pitched male voice with a thick Chinese accent. Without a second syllable uttered i had labeled the unknown caller as James Chen, an unforgettably lovable and.. flowing student from my days in China ( yes flowing, you'd have to know the fella but he has somehow perfected the art of incorporating interpretive dance into his every action). We chatted about this and that but James wanted to get to the heart of all things pertinent, LOVE. He asked me a question that really seemed to stump me.. " Where is your true love?" hmmmm well uh uh goood question James is about all i could muster. I don't know if i stumbled on the question because i didn't know if i was listening to some Walt Disney movie or because i too wondered where my true love was. Non the less i had no reply, which made me start thinking about love.

The day progressed and i found myself finger painting and making valentines cards with a four year old. She began to tell me about her true love, the handsome boy at school. I asked what he looked like and she drew me a picture of a green guy with pink eyes, indeed he was handsome! She then drew another character with curly locks which she explained as herself. Without a spare minute for analyzing the drawing she instructed me to carefully watch as she drew one long line from Curly and another long line from Sexy Green Guy. Then a small lump formed between the lines. "Did you see that!?!" "You know what they are doing!?!".....uh holding hands i bravely suggested. "YES, see that means they are in love!"

Well i seem to be lacking in knowledge of love so i decided making this curly 4 year old my guru. I asked her what you should say to someone when you love them. Her response was " Tell them you love someone, but you won't tell who because its a secret." Hmmm seems like decent advice.. i hear playing the mystery card on guys makes you more desirable or at least that's what page 32 of Teen Magazine told me. Later that night Curly even let me have some alone time to kiss my pretend boyfriend, the oven. If only adults could be as thoughtful as kids.

I can say that i have never been in "LOoooVVVee" and quite frankly i am starting to wonder if it is a wonderful hoax or a ploy by the government to boost the economy for the ever failing flower industry. I might be losing faith that love exists and no i really would prefer not to get 1,000 testimonials assuring me that love is real. And yes yes i know i am but the ripe young age of 21 but I would eventually like to catch the love bug and see what all the hype is all about so, maybe, just maybe, one day i'll find my own green skinned pink-eyed guy of my own that i can hold hands with and know that that means love.


Tessa said...

I L.O.V.E love you. Really.

Austin and Milla Boles said...

Ry! I about laughed my head off when I read about "flowy" James! For V-day we should watch the video of him singing Celine Dion. That would be so romantic! :)

Kayde said...

Can we go fingerpainting this week at our house please o please?!

Nancy said...

Yes, flowy James sounds AWESOME. I kind of wish he was your true love. But yes, where is your true love. You know he'll just be nowhere nowhere nowhere and then, of a sudden, he'll be somewhere. Somewhere right next to you. But, who could this true love be that could fit into your life and be cool enough for you. I wonder. He will have to be so cool. And funny. And a tiny bit smart alecy (but only able to get away with it because it is obvious he adores your every move and word). And, he'll have to be on board for adventure of course. Hmm. Could he be a Canuck maybe? Could you love a Canadian? Or maybe he could be Brit and then you guys would have to travel always going back and forth between your two families. Or maybe just from some cool place in Alaska. Or maybe . . . MAYBE . . . he could be from Ogden . . . but only if he was SO cool. Well. I guess we shall just see when we see. And, I am glad you have never been in love. Think how fun to have your husband be the only one you ever loved. Crap. Now that we said that you are going to have to be extra careful not to fall in love with any in between time (in between the time of now and of meeting your husband) boy. I can't wait to meet him! And, for you to meet him of course.

MICHELLE said...

haha this is awesome- i loved the description of james as well- its the perfect word to describe him :)

Perla said...

nancy already said all the good-aunt things so i will just ask if you saw that indie-flick with Michael Cera and that Chinese girl about love? hm...i'm not going to reassure you, yet the statistics prove that the majority of americans ( at least 8 out of 10) get married at some point. i hope that means that they all fell in love at some point. i'm interested to find out who ends up capturing you. i met somebody on valentines day once and was in love with him for a really long time. but i'd prefer you only be in love one time. having lost loves is very painful. okay. just marry flowy james. the end.