Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A letter to my Cherokee ( finished version,sorry)

A girl with dark curled hair, a frilly pink shirt and hands fumbling calls her roommate with an exasperated voice yelling into the wireless phone " I, I don't know what to do it just shut off! I was on the hill and now, now its just stopped! Find me! Just find me okay, I am by the temple on a hill or something, a few gasps of air are streamed through the phone. There is a car coming, oh man! Just HURRY ok!"

I am that brown headed girl, and yes, I was a little out of sorts, some might even say i was panicking, and yes, that THING that "just shut off" was my ever so troublesome car. Since day one of coming up to Logan I have been fighting the beast of burden. Let us just name my Jeep Natasha for now because Natashas' always seem to be of some kind of annoyance, disturbance, or mischief making from my experience. So anyway Natasha had been making weird noises and of course i was worried about her. I had never had any problems with Natasha before, why was she revolting against me? Why did the air conditioning go out when i was so very hot? Do you like to watch me sweat? Why Natasha, WHY?  I pushed her too hard i think. She was tired of me putting dents in her and not apologizing, She was tired of totting friends and dogs around. She was tired of me bathing her twice a year, and she definitely did not like leaving her home in Ogden. I know i havent filled her  tank up since the day i graduated high school. But really I get it. Its hard sometimes. But was it necessary to fully and completely give up on me? I think NOT!

Anyway Natasha taught me a lot. Who knew what an engine light was. Or that you should put coolant in the radiator when it runs out. Or that there is an overflow container for extra coolant. Or that you should add water to coolant. Or what a thermostat is. Or a gasket. Or where the engine even is under your hood. But ladies and gentlemen i would like to say boisterously and with excessive cockiness that after many youtube sessions I was the one that changed that broken thermostat. I confidently strutted  down mainstreet to O'Reilly's and bought myself a 6 cylinder gasket, and I got out that socket wrench and greased up my hands and I did restore everything to its original state!... however  hard it is to believe I suppose God needed to humble me further still. Good ole Natasha barely made it to the temple(ironically) before seizing up on me.

Bless the little man who helped me push Natasha up the hill. Bless his cute little wife who took my wheel( despite the fact that she hadn't driven a day in her life and made a few key mistakes such as: pressing the brake the whole time we were trying to push the car). Bless the friend of the cute couple, Bubba who leaped out of his moving truck to join in our pushing efforts. And bless my father for getting the car towed and paying for the new engine. Finally, bless my Jeep Cherokee for all her hard work and for putting up with me for so long. I promise if you give me another chance i'll do better. Amen.