Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Your in High Places

This last week I took off school and left my little naughties in the hands of a substitute with a broken arm. I think they gave her a run for her money! While they were attending to kicking screaming and unmentionable words I was able to attend and participate in a research presentation at the state capital. 

It was really a phenomenal experience to be in such a beautiful building discussing research I have been slaving over the last 5 months with some of the top people in Utah's government. The Lieutenant Governor of Utah even made a special stop to talk with me about our research.It made me feel rather special. But then as the day went on and I spoke with multiple representatives, senators, lobbyist, and the general public I began to think about PEOPLE. In particular I had a homeless looking fellow come up to my poster and eye it for a few moments. He stuck out like a sore thumb in that building covered in marble and nothing but rich men in their finest suits.I didn't really think about it too much but I gave him the same speel i had given to everyone about our research on dementia. He spent a lengthy amount of time talking about it and even offered his services to help contribute to our research. After he left i realized that of everyone that stopped by he was one of the few who thoroughly questioned and commended me on my work. So thanks to the man who gave me the time of day.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adventures in the Real World

In the last month or so a whole lotta newness has come my way.
  • I graduated.
    • I have been known to be a nerd from time to time and my sadness over being done learning (for the time being) further instills the title I proudly wear. I am sad to leave the dog. I am sad to leave my 3  roommates, we had us some fun. I am sad to leave the life of a college student. I am sad to have to grow up and be an adult. But I feel ready for my next life adventure, maybe I'm not traveling to foreign countries, maybe I'm not hitting up all the social scenes, but sometimes walking into the unknown can be equally as thrilling.
  • I got a boyfriend.
    •   After 22 years of my life I finally found someone who was worth my time. I have always been a little slow in my development in regard to relationships. My first kiss was when I was 19, I rarely if ever went on dates, and I am now 22 and have my first boyfriend. Most kids get through with that stage of life before they can properly see over a steering wheel but I always knew what I wanted and saw dating people without those qualities as a waste of time. Waiting for what I wanted was worth the wait and its better than I even knew. 
  • I got a big kids job. 
    • Somehow the stars aligned right when I wanted them to. I was served an ideal job on a silver platter. I work full time as a paraprofessional in the behavior unit at an elementary school. I just completed my first week and already have a handful of stories to tell. Basically my job is being a teacher for the naughty kids that have been kicked out of their schools or classrooms. Each one of them has such distinct little personality you can't help but love them.When they punch kids in the face and try to convince you it was a joke, make you chase them down so they don't bolt from the school property,  scream, spit, cry, cuss at you, and throw shoes at you I somehow still walk away with a little grin on my face. Not only do I love them but they still love me and give me hugs at the end of the day even when I have to yell at them to get back in line, take away their points, break up fights,make them sit in corners, and watch them cry with an exasperated look in my eye. It is definitely a hard job that requires a whole lot of patience but I have loved just about everyminute
Life seems to be just getting better and better, I can't wait to see what's next