Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Your in High Places

This last week I took off school and left my little naughties in the hands of a substitute with a broken arm. I think they gave her a run for her money! While they were attending to kicking screaming and unmentionable words I was able to attend and participate in a research presentation at the state capital. 

It was really a phenomenal experience to be in such a beautiful building discussing research I have been slaving over the last 5 months with some of the top people in Utah's government. The Lieutenant Governor of Utah even made a special stop to talk with me about our research.It made me feel rather special. But then as the day went on and I spoke with multiple representatives, senators, lobbyist, and the general public I began to think about PEOPLE. In particular I had a homeless looking fellow come up to my poster and eye it for a few moments. He stuck out like a sore thumb in that building covered in marble and nothing but rich men in their finest suits.I didn't really think about it too much but I gave him the same speel i had given to everyone about our research on dementia. He spent a lengthy amount of time talking about it and even offered his services to help contribute to our research. After he left i realized that of everyone that stopped by he was one of the few who thoroughly questioned and commended me on my work. So thanks to the man who gave me the time of day.

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