Sunday, January 23, 2011

a testament to travel... after being caged

Well its been a number of months since i have written. In lue of the name of my blog " A Testament to Travel" i felt as though writing while merely sitting up in Logan would be a crime. However i have just recently come to the conclusion (mind you Beethoven is playing and the climax of the song just happened to make this light bulb moment even more pertinent ) that my lack of traveling can also be a testament as to why travel is so perfect, amazing, titillating, and what i seem to live for.

If i could for a brief moment explain to you the dreariness of logan and the monotony of daily life up here i am assured that just about anyone would pity me and instantly throw me a wad of cash (if you do happen to have this urge i am sure you can write it as a 501 c3 tax deductible donation). My daily life currently consists of sleeping in until 8 where i am awoken by the sighing and ho humfing that my 3rd roomate, Koda, the puppy likes to make because no one will indulge him in a wrestling match. On the days that he is not walking around like a put out Stepford wife he is lapping at my face until it is soaked in tuna fish saliva.

I then eat my golden puffs cereal with nearly expired wal-mart milk and get dressed in the dark. Classes run by fairly smoothly but i constantly seem to be berating myself for wandering mind. Sometimes i sketch pictures of my professors in their animorph form (ex:half man have mouse). My day continues with what i have assured myself to be as the best sandwich(wheat toast, mayonnaise, avocado, pepper, mesquite turkey, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and another piece of wheat toast). The perfected sandwich is then followed by perhaps another bowl of cereal or something sweet which has become a rather poor habit instilled in me from my family. " No meal is complete unless it is capped off with a little sweet treat". Grandpa always insists that if there isn't room for desert than you must simply stand, give your belly a nice little shake, and a couple good pats. This seems to be one of the small tid bits of wisdom that has literally stuck with/to me. My evening is then finished off after a bit of chit chat with roommates and a quick browse through my assigned readings, finally ending the day with a nice cathartic meeting with Gossip Girl.
Now if you haven't actually watched Gossip Girl you might not think anything particular about it or make any rash judgments about my character...but you can basically break the television show into 3 parts which circle around a cast of upper eastsiders in New York. 1. there is a circle of friends who seem to swap sexual partners like horny high school students swap spit 2. friends backstabbing eachother with rumors spread through the omnipotent Gossip Girl 3. and a whole lotta of posh parties. ... in fact it is reaching that time and my partner in crime is here (Ryan Snow).. so here goes Gossip Girl episode 10.

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Nancy said...

Oh Ry, How I love you. I am sitting here all riddled with strep throat (riddled with strep? hmm). Anywho, I clicked on my little google reader and what do I see but I new post under "Testament to Travel" and I could only think, "Huh? Whose blog is this? -- Ryleigh's? Wasn't that Ryleigh's blog? It can't be. She isn't travelling just now!" But thank goodness that it truly COULD be you!! Because, it turns out that your posts written in a state of boredom are every bit as entertaining (maybe more so) than your adventure posts!! I loved the cool details -- like the extra bowl of cereal after your sandwich, and that you have all these bits of wisdom saved in you from grandpa Gordy. That makes me so happy. So, yes, while you can't be travelling, please oh please let this be your new pasttime (sp?).

Aunty Nancy

Perla said...

Great post, Ry. So fun to read, although you shouldn't limit yourself to blogging when you are feeling creative enough to make it enjoyable for somebody else because then you'll get in a blogging funk, wondering if you are being entertaining rather than just letting yourself journal, like you should. oh how i wish i'd let myself enjoy those college days of monotony and relative freedom more than i did. i think i was always too worried about something. what? i don't know. about the future i guess. not enjoying the precious moments of the perfect sandwich and gossip girls. anywho...if i had a wad of cash i'd throw it at you and make you take a trip to texas. :)