Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Neighbor I Wish I Knew

Well folks I am back on the blogging worlds radar after three months of solitude and I would like to discuss the topic of neighbors. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed people watching, in particular my neighbors. Call me crazy but I don't think I am the only one who has a particular taste for checking up on their hood from time to time. 

On one particular occasion dating all the way back to August I came across a truly worthy neighbor to watch. Now, before i get into the neighbor we call "Bag Lady" i would like to say that everything i show and say is truly for my love of her and neither jeer nor jest will change what i really feel about this lady.

Everyday that i have lived in this fancy shmancy apartment I have seen The Bag Lady. Her ritual begins approximately at 4:30 pm. She slowly walks down the steep hill carrying two filled grocery bags (we never figured what was actually in the bags) along with one over-sized purse. She then preceeds to gently set the bags down, assume the running position, with one big enhale she jolts forward and begins her quick ascension toward the unknown corners of our streets. The process is then repeated again, and again, and again.She comes rain or shine every day of the week.  Indeed the first time we saw the spectacle we thought it was somewhat of a joke but after watching this woman progress in strength and character along with her unwillingness to ever give up has made me gain a hefty load of respect.

Kudos to neighbors and to those peeping from the inside world out. 

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Ameri said... hilarious.