Monday, May 2, 2011

A nightmare of all nightmares

Last night i awoke at 4 am. My breathing was short and my palms were sweaty. What might have caused this occurrence, you might ask? Well my dear friend it was one of those things that makes kids look under their bed before the go to sleep at night, its was one of those things that makes the shadows of the night turn into monsters, it was one of those things that i simply must was a nightmare. I haven't had one of these nightmares in such a long time that i would estimate that it has been well over 4 years. Now, i know i have you hooked and you are asking yourself what i could have possibly been dreaming about that got me into such a hot mess. So i'll tell ya

I dreamt that i slept through one of my finals and that i wasn't going to get an A.

The End

This really seemed to deepen my conscious perspective on my true nerdiness ( refer to last blog to be persuaded even more). I used to joke around about some of my quirks like loving lord of the rings or being able to caste as many spells as a first year at hogwarts but this "nightmare" has without a doubt proven that in fact i, Ryleigh Nicole Allred am officially out of my mind


Lover of Sweets said...

Ha Ry! I don't know that I'm much of a nerd...not a smart one anyway. BUT, I can totally relate to that nightmare...I will sometimes dream that I show up to class and realize that I haven't been there for months and that I'm obviously failing! It is seriously the worst! Or, I will dream that I'm waiting tables again and it dawns on me that I haven't delivered someone's food and now it is cold! Aaaaagh! I hate those dreams and I sure wake up in a fowl mood, ha yes.

Nancy said...

Well, the real dreams are always the most terrifying . . . like once when I was a teenager and I dreamt I was married REALLY married to a gross middle aged man. It was horrifying. But, in general, I will sadly have you know that I have always been prone to nightmares. Robbers trying to feed me poison asparagus, lots of huge snakes in my house, living in an evil house . . . and on and on. But, missing a final. Whoo. Terrifying. Love you!!!